Water services from four municipalities in Galicia will be analysed in the context of the Aquamundam project

The entity Augas de Galicia will promote the study of the water cycle of Noia, Ames, Burela and Soutomaior within the Aquamundam project, financed by the INTERREG V-A Spain-Portugal programme. The diagnosis will focus on the operation and quality of the service, the use of infrastructures and their relationship with the environment.

The methodology designed in the project for the diagnosis of the water cycle in small and medium municipalities will be putted into place in 12 municipalities of the POCTEP area.

In the coming months, the Aquamundam project will study the supply and sanitation systems from the municipalities of Noia, Ames, Burela and Soutomaior. This evaluation, promoted by Augas de Galicia, will provide a state diagnosis of the existing infrastructures and the service they provide, using the methodology designed by the project partners, and focused on aspects such as:

  • Environment
  • Infrastructure capacity
  • Operation and quality of services
  • Efficiency of the use of financial resources


With the help of these diagnoses, it will be identified points of improvement in the supply, sanitation and water treatment of these municipalities, for which the Improvement Plans will provide contributions.


Diagnosis in small and medium-sized municipalities

The municipalities that will benefit from the proposals for analysis and improvement of its integral water cycle serve more than 60,000 inhabitants in Galician territory.

In the province of Coruña, it will be studied the supply and sanitation networks of Noia and Ames, which contrast in location and size. In the coast, the municipality of Noia is located – with a smaller dimension – while, in the interior, we find Ames, belonging to the metropolitan area of ​​Santiago de Compostela.

The other two municipalities whose water services will be diagnosed will be Burela, in the province of Lugo; and Soutomaior, from the province of Pontevedra, that belongs to the metropolitan region of Vigo.

With the tasks performed in these diagnoses, we will analyse supply and sanitation in small and medium-sized municipalities, with distinctive characteristics, mainly in terms of location – coast and interior – and its relationship with neighbouring municipalities, in the case of Ames and Soutomaior, belonging to metropolitan areas.


More sustainable water management

The preparation of Diagnostic and improvement plans in these four municipalities of Galicia (out of a total of 12 municipalities beneficiated by Aquamundam project) will mean a better knowledge of these infrastructures and services, facilitating and guiding the adoption of measures to evolve them in terms of sustainability and efficiency .