Tools for more effective, efficient and resilient water systems. The case of the pilot Aquamundam in Alto Minho

Interview with Eng. Fernanda Machado, Executive Member of Águas do Alto Minho 

In the Portuguese territory, one of the pilots of the Aquamundam project was carried out in the Alto Minho region. 

Among the actions developed in the pilot, the following are included: study of the systems and development of mathematical models aimed at simulating different operating scenarios, with the objective of installing monitoring and control zones and installing pressure reducing valves (PRV); installation of a pressure-reducing valve and a measurement and control area in the supply network, in order to reduce the pressure of night flows and thus reduce potential losses; installation of control equipment and optimization of hydraulic operation with communication by GPRS, in order to increase the system’s resilience, etc. 

We have interviewed the Eng. Fernanda Machado, Executive Member of Águas do Alto Minho, who told us a little bit more about the impact of this pilot on the region.