Aquamundam: Solutions for a sustainable and integrated water management in the POCTEP region

‘Aquamundam: Solutions for a sustainable and integrated water management in the POCTEP region’ project aims at protecting the environment through the improvement of the water cycle in cross-border regions. The project will stimulate a rational use of the water, through the development of tools and methodologies and through the valorisation of existing solutions and techniques.

Project Objectives

Identify the existing needs in the water cycle;

Promote the use of technological instruments and tools by the key actors related with the management of the water cycle;

Demonstrate the efficiency of an integrated water cycle management.

Project Results

Develop a common information point, to be used by different agents, in order to achieve coordinated actions and decisions in the POCTEP area;

Decrease the response time to incidents in supply and sanitation network, thus diminishing losses and contributing to maintain the discharging’s required quality.

Tasks & Activities

Tools and methodological instruments for the improvement of the water cycle efficiency improvement


A1.1 — Analysis of the existing barriers in the water management

A1.2 — Identification of good practices in the sustainable management of the water cycle and analysis of its application in the POCTEP area

A1.3 — Specific necessities and solutions related with the quality, effectiveness and economic efficiency of the cycle

Diagnosis and local plans for the improvement of the water cycle management


A2.1 — Diagnostics methodology

A2.2 — Diagnostics and action plans

Integrated water cycle management system in small and medium cities


A3.1 — Integration of solutions that include the water cycle in a single information system

A3.2 — Additional functionalities development

A3.3 — Training and capacity building of the different agents that work in the water management planning



A4.1 — Sustainable solutions pilot

A4.2 — Pilots: Information system of the integrated management

A4.3 — Data analysis and results

Project management and coordination


A5.1 — Coordination

A5.2 — Follow-up

A5.3 — Evaluation



A6.1 — Dissemination to the general public

A6.2 — Dissemination to the target groups

A6.3 — Potential users approach

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