The Aquamundam project carries out diagnostic actions in three water management companies in the Central Region of Portugal

In the context of the Aquamundam project, it were carried out diagnoses in three water management companies in the Central Region of Portugal: Águas do Centro Litoral (AdCL), Águas de Coimbra (AC) and INOVA. The diagnoses were carried out in the water supply and sewage systems.

In geographic terms, the company Águas do Centro Litoral, SA, has the concession of water and sanitation distribution of several municipalities in the Central Region of Portugal, in areas of a medium urban nature; the company Águas de Coimbra, EM, holds the water and sanitation concession in the municipality of Coimbra, also a medium-urban area, and finally Inova, Empresa de Desenvolvimento Económico e Social de Cantanhede, E.M. S.A. for the concession of water distribution and sanitation in the entire municipality of Cantanhede (predominantly rural area).

The diagnoses focused on several indicators regarding the Quality of Service, ranging from physical and economic accessibility of the service; occurrence of supply failures; expense coverage; adhesion to the service, rehabilitation of conduits, to the occurrence of damages, losses, among others.

In general terms, the three entities have medium or high indicators, which indicates good quality and efficiency of the services provided.